Wireless Internet in Connecticut From Exede

Get WildBlue Wireless Internet in Connecticut and say good-bye to the days of super slow Internet. WildBlue delivers high speed wireless internet service that ensures you keep up with the things you want to do online. No matter where you live, you shouldn’t have to face limited internet speed options! The reality though is that many Connecticut residents do face such limitations. WildBlue Internet ensures that Americans throughout the nation have fast, reliable wireless internet service so they have the same advantages as users worldwide do.

Wildblue Revolutionizes Wireless Internet

Wireless internet service through Wildblue brings users the kind of speed they need today. Other internet options, like dialup and DSL simply don’t deliver speed that can keep up with many internet applications. However with Exede Wireless Internet, your days of being frustrated as you wait on your internet service are over. In real time, you can do everything you would expect to be able to do with high speed service. You need nothing more than a clear view of the southern sky to get started. Experience high speed wireless internet in Connecticut now.

We Lead the Way in High Speed, Affordable Internet

When you get WildBlue Wireless Internet service in Connecticut, you get an award winning internet service provider. The 2013 FCC Measuring Broadband America report deemed Exede the #1 provider for meeting or surpassing its advertised wireless internet speeds. This was even when compared to a variety of providers, including the big name cable and DSL internet providers.
Exede, the top quality satellite internet provider in Connecticut, also stands out as offering service from the most powerful communication satellite in existence – the ViaSat-1 satellite. In addition to cutting edge satellite technology,Exede also uses an accelerator to ensure that it delivers signals faster and more effectively than any other wireless internet service. The company has even found a solution to data caps imposed by the federal government – the Late Night Free Zone. Exede is the only company to give you 5 hours of unlimited data access every single night, so you can do exactly what you want to do online.

Do More With the Fastest Speeds!

High speed wireless internet service through WildBlue offers users in Connecticut what they need to get more done. It provides the kind of speed that dialup and DSL simply can’t. With super fast internet speeds, you can do things online like:

  • Effortlessly shop and surf the net.
  • Enjoy the games you want to play.
  • Stream media like movies, music and videos for great entertainment options.
  • Stay connected with others thanks to email, social media and video chat services.

Explore the great options from WildBlue Wireless Internet in Connecticut today. Give our wireless internet service specialists a call and let them answer all your questions about the perfect solution to your Internet needs.